Simplify Compliance Reporting for Complex Requirements and Multiple Sites

Avoid Costly Penalties

Every business faces compliance requirements, whether it’s a financial corporation or a media organization. And proving that you are following the law is just as important as complying with it. Failing to do so may result in fines, damage to your reputation, or even the withdrawal of your license to operate.

Adhere to Complex Requirements

Managing a range of regulations becomes increasingly more complex as companies expand globally. Fully integrated EHS solutions provide reporting consistency and improve data accuracy for regulatory reports. Companies need systems to easily report on a variety of key items. These items include employee training status, vaccination and other medical compliance, supply chain fair labor employment, and much more.

Go Beyond Regulatory Compliance

UL’s PURE Platform centralizes data for all kinds of regulatory requirements. Built-in regulatory forms automate the reporting process to bodies like OSHA and RIDDOR, so your team spends less time collecting and communicating data to meet compliance requirements, and can spend more time focusing on creating a healthy, sustainable company.

Key Benefits and Features

Centralized Data

Users from across your business access a single, web-based system to manage compliance issues.

Role Identification and Accountability

Clear definition of roles and work plans determine specific notifications and reminders.

Compliance Trail

Full audit log for all data entry and version control for document management.

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