Liderança de desempenho de carbono através de gerenciamento de dados centralizado

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Grupo Financiero Banorte (Banorte) is the third largest financial group in Mexico and has a progressive outlook on sustainability. For the second consecutive year the group was named in the DJSI Emerging Markets index, being only one of the four Mexican companies to be listed in the 2015 index. Banorte is located in the 96th percentile of environmental reporting, which places it among the top five financial groups in the 14 countries that make up the index. Moreover, Banorte is the first Latin American company to enter CDP’s A List and to have achieved a perfect score on the CDP’s 2015 Climate Disclosure Leadership Index. In 2014, Banorte selected the PURE Platform from UL EHS Sustainability to manage their sustainability information due to its flexibility and CDP’s recognition of the platform.


In October 2014, the regulations of the National Register of Emissions under the Mexican General Law on Climate Change were approved, requiring organizations that generate 25,000 metric tons or more of greenhouse gases (GHGs) per year to report to Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (“SEMARNAT”) starting December 2015. This yearly operating report must also include information on the generation of GHGs such as emissions from stationary and mobile sources, as well as direct and indirect emissions. This affects a variety of industry sectors, from energy, transportation and industrial to agriculture, waste, commerce and services.

Banorte needed a solution to monitor emissions and electrical consumption of all their administrative buildings and 1189 branches in Mexico and the United States, reporting for more than 27,700 employees.


The Sustainability Department at Banorte began training other departments and business units in the use of the PURE Platform in October 2014, enabling the data providers to introduce any requested information via an intuitive delegation system. In return, Banorte’s Sustainability Team is able to verify environmental performance data on a specific period of time with delegation plans.

Tracked indicators across the business range from electricity and water consumption to paper usage, recycling and printer cartridges consumption. The creation and reporting of these indicators had to be simple, allowing the trained administrators to enter information by themselves. Integrated report templates respond to the requirements of the respective reporting area and can be run automatically at pre-defined times or be downloaded instantly by users.

Moreover, Banorte tracks its electricity usage to meter level. This is possible because of the PURE Platform Excel import tool, which allows users to upload the condensed information reported to Banorte by a mayor energy supplier. This enables the Sustainability Department to monitor its electricity consumption across their many branches and allows quick corrective management.


Using the PURE Platform helped Banorte to create the annual emissions report for SEMARNAT (Mexico’s Ministry for the Environment). Due to the centralized and auditable data management, Banorte’s footprint can easily be verified by an external party – a requirement to acheive “GEI2 recognition” by the GHG Program and SEMARNAT. Banorte is the only private financial institution to have received twice the recognition. Furthermore, the PURE Platform has been used to monitor other self-established goals such as the 20% emissions intensity reduction target for 2014, which has been successfully achieved.
With just a few clicks, Banorte’s sustainability team can create delegations to data collectors and enterers or analyze data split by business units or geographical location. Templated reports make recurrent reports less time consuming and reporting to top management more efficient. Finally, the PURE Platform data analysis tools and export data facilitated the design of the pages of the annual report for environmental value, through the construction of tables and graphs. This streamlines the external reporting to CDP, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and IPC Sustentable (Mexican Stock Exchange).

Looking ahead, Banorte will migrate even more data from their “Paperless Program” to the PURE Platform and will track information about refrigerant loading across all its business units.

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