University Hospitals, um centro médico acadêmico em Cleveland, melhora a conformidade da vacina contra gripe com PureOHS

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Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, University Hospitals Medical Center employs 35,000 physicians, employees, students and volunteers. It is nationally ranked in several specialties and is the second largest employer in Cuyahoga County.


Like many large hospital systems, University Hospitals faced the challenge of ensuring employee compliance with flu vaccinations. Past compliance was low, which staff members attributed to poor workflow. Employees would avoid receiving the vaccine because flu clinics were inconvenient and the management tool was time consuming and not user-friendly.


University Hospitals chose UL’s PureOHS for its real time reporting capabilities, which became an essential tool immediately. Donna Ramadan, Director of UH Employer Solutions, also highlighted UL’s customer support as one of the reasons for success. “The support we received by UL team during implementation was exceptional,” she said. “The UL team was readily available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues and provide rapid solutions to challenges. Their commitment to customer support made us feel as if we were their only client and a top priority.”


Using real time information, PureOHS helped University Hospitals to identify areas that were lagging in compliance both at the individual and department level. Using that information, they were able to pivot their flu vaccine delivery model by augmenting with mobile carts, extending flu clinic hours, increasing and revising employee communication, shifting staff resource locations, and adding additional vaccination locations. As a result, they attained unprecedented flu vaccine compliance for 2016-2017. University Hospitals has also received excellent feedback on the system from employees. Positive word-of-mouth about PureOHS and its ease of use greatly increased buy-in and contributed to further success in flu vaccine compliance.

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