Criando uma cultura de saúde e segurança:
Por que assuntos de gerenciamento de incidentes (parte 3)

More than 313 million global work-related accidents occur each year – with a high percentage of those accidents resulting in significant time away from work. Each accident bears a personal and financial cost for the worker and the employer. Yet, many companies still take a corrective outlook on employee health and safety, dealing with accidents as they happen, rather than focusing on preventive measures and safety benefits.

At the center of a preventive employee health and safety (EHS) culture is the belief at the executive level that accidents and harm should be preventable. In our webinar series UL’s EHS experts Langdon Dement and Matt Scott will show:

You will learn:

  • How data management software provides staff and managers the tools to engage employees in building a culture of prevention,
  • How a sophisticated incident management tool helps companies to limit the likelihood of incidents reoccurring or reduce their impact, and
  • How recording near misses, hazards, and observations gives you greater visibility and enhances your ability to prevent reportable incidents.