Três etapas para melhorar o processo de geração de relatórios

As investor interest in sustainability performance grows and companies come under more regulatory pressure to disclose their impacts, businesses are increasingly directing significant resources to external reporting. Disclosing progress in line with rigorous reporting frameworks such as GRI, CDP, SASB or DJSI as well as responding to respected analyst surveys is integral to improving transparency and lowering reputational risk.

However, with no single global standard for reporting, preparing responses for diverse frameworks and surveys can be costly and time-consuming. Companies therefore need to look at how they can use to technology to streamline the reporting process. In our webinar UL EHS Sustainability’s reporting expert Claire Forsyth will show how your organization can provide robust responses in a structured, efficient way and how you improve the quality and accuracy of your reporting efforts.

You will learn:

  • How to manage responses to multiple frameworks including GRI, DJSI, CDP,
  • How to structure and standardize data in order to improve quality, accuracy and create synergies between different reporting standards, and
  • How sustainability software can help you to move beyond pure data collection to performance management.